Wednesday, September 23, 2009

What Will You Celebrate?

I wanted to go to Disneyland on my birthday, much to my kids' delight and much to Eliot's dismay. However, because it was my birthday my wish was granted and we ALL had a great time!

Yes, I got a sweet button that said "Happy Birthday to Angie" and so I got birthday "shout outs" from all the cast members. Awesome!
Waiting in line for the Peter Pan ride. Luckily I had these lollipops to keep the kids occupied.

I LOVE this "Celebrate" Dance party, almost as much as Madison... maybe even more.

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Erin said...

So fun Ang! Looks like you ended up taking the kiddos...just as well since we can't do any of the big rides anyway! We're heading there Friday - can't wait! Kenny's about as excited as Eliot.

So glad you had a fun birthday!

And I'm LOVING that you're blogging more. :)

Rachel said...

How fun!!! I hope you had a great birthday!!

Mary C. said...

Looks like you almost had the place to yourselves. Tiffany, Danjee, Emily and Brad and kids are staying our place and going to Disneyland today and tomorrow. Uncle Bill and I are in Utah. Great photos! So Fun! Thanks!

Jennie said...

Thanks for the post Angie! I love how delighted Madison is at the Dance Party. She had that same look on her face when we went together.

Kath said...

Yay! Happy day...cute pics:)