Thursday, November 29, 2007

Ice Skating, once every 7 years

Last weekend Eliot and I went on a date. We went ice skating and out to dinner. I planned the evening and I was sort of trying to recreate the night we got engaged. We were engaged over the Thanksgiving Holiday 7 years ago. Needless to say, my ice skating abilities have not approved over the last 7 years.

Here we are in Washington D.C. in November 2000. We went Ice Skating on the Mall (not to be confused with a shopping mall), with the Lincoln Memorial in view. The weather was freezing and Eliot ran all over the city to buy me a scarf, which I still have. We ice skated for awhile, it was my first time ice skating ever, and then Eliot took me to dinner at Occoquan Inn. A quaint little place serving fancy fare like duck and red snapper. It was delish! On our after dinner stroll Eliot popped the question and the rest is history.

Here we are 7 years later in Coronado, California, November 2007. We went ice skating at the Hotel Del which is a famous hotel right on the beach of the Pacific Ocean. The weather was chilly (for Southern California), but after a few minutes of ice skating we were ready to shed our winter coats and scarves. We could see the Pacific Ocean from the rink and hear the ocean waves. After ice skating, we dined at the Coronado Boathouse. Another quaint place with fancy food. It was fun to remember our engagement and relive it a little. Maybe in another 7 years we will try ice skating again.
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Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Gobble, Gobble

For our pre-Thanksgiving celebration we went to the San Diego Zoo with Melissa. We had a lot of fun and San Diego Zoo is truly the best zoo I have ever been too. It is beautiful and there are many animals to see. The weather was perfect that day. We had a great time!

Melissa had the idea to find animals in the zoo that resembled each other both in looks, sort of, and characteristics. Here is what we decided...

Eliot- Polar Bear

Angie- Meerkat

Melissa- Red Panda

Madison- Pink Flamingo

Mitchell- Swamp Monkey

It was really fun to compare personality traits with each other and try to figure out which animals we resembled.

Here is our group at the world famous San Diego Zoo. November 21, 2007.

Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Mitchell's First Haircut

This actually took place several weeks ago, before the San Diego Fires, but I am just getting to it now. It took us awhile to get Mitchell's hair cut. We knew that it would make him look so grown up. We finally had it done and we were right, he does look like a little man now instead of a baby. I guess it is okay since he is now 18 months old.



Friday, November 2, 2007

Think Happy Thoughts

The kids definitely inherited Eliot's love for sweets. They are partial to chocolate, however, and not just candy. Sometimes I am amazed that they are even my children because they have inherited so many "Eliot" characteristics. I guess the Ward genes are dominant.

Madison and Mitchell loved going door-to-door in our neighborhood. They looked so cute together in the Peter Pan and Tinkerbell costumes.

It was truly a fun Halloween. The kids had a great time and thus Eliot and I did too.