Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Sisters Trip

We had a great weekend in Dallas for our Swensen Sisters Trip. We stayed at the Westin Galleria which is connected to a mall. We shopped, ate, got pedicures, saw a movie(Get Smart), had Afternoon Tea at the Adolphus Hotel (see picture above), went to Sixth Floor Museum, talked, laughed and had a fabulous time!

This is the street where JFK was shot and killed. This is the view from the Grassy Knoll. What a tragic moment in history.

The grassy knoll where individuals claim they saw smoke from a firearm and some unidentified people.

Here I am standing on the spot where JFK was struck by a second bullet. See the Book Depository building in the background- where the Sixth Floor Museum is and also where Lee Harvey Oswald allegedly fired a rifle which killed JFK.

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Sunday, June 8, 2008

Iddy Biddy Dance Recital

Maddie and her friend Sydney ready to perform now that they have their makeup on and flowers in their hair. Madison has her arms in first position and is doing a posse.
These girls became fast friends when we moved to San Diego. They are still buddies. Maddie names all of her stuffed animals after her good friend.
The girls performed at an outdoor amphitheater. They performed their ballet dances twice and all the performers did a tap dance for the finale.
She looks like she has a little stage fright. I think she was saying "cheese" for the picture while being distracted by the other dancers.

Sunday, June 1, 2008

Oh Boy, I've Got Joy

Madison had her Joy School Graduation on Saturday. It was a fun party and cute to see all the kids in their caps. Madison is so grown up now. I thought it was so sweet because when she walked up to get her certificate she turned to the audience and did a curtsie. Precious!
Madison and all of her Joy School friends. They have had such a fun year together!
Madison even got a graduation picture. Wow! She was so excited and we were very happy for her and all she has learned.