Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Mitchell's First Haircut

This actually took place several weeks ago, before the San Diego Fires, but I am just getting to it now. It took us awhile to get Mitchell's hair cut. We knew that it would make him look so grown up. We finally had it done and we were right, he does look like a little man now instead of a baby. I guess it is okay since he is now 18 months old.




Rachel said...

that is so cute.. It looks like he did fine. That place is similar to the place I took JJ and he really enjoyed himself. Mitchell is adorable.

Rachel said...

He looks adorable as ever! It also looks like he was a great sport getting his hair cut. Happy Turkey Day!

pinkmorning said...

when i saw these pictures, i told dave that he had to come and look at these pictures because they were so freaking cute and he said, "of course, it's Mitchell" i thought that was so cute...we love him so much!

Melanie M. McKinnon said...

remember how cute mitchell is? and madison? go check them out cuz they are cu-ute!