Thursday, September 17, 2009

Mitchell's First Day of Soccer

He's got some serious "moves!"
What an attentive student!
The shirt was more like a dress, which Mitchell was unsure about, but he held it together and scored a bunch of goals.

Coach Smackey is getting the kids ready to run! Mitchell had a great time. Yay for soccer!
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Natalie said...

Those shirts are quite long! I'm surprised they didn't trip over them. What a handsome little guy you've got!

Kath said...

Go Mitchell!! I loved the surprise of a new post on your blog...Happy Bday weekend to you!!:)

Erin said...

He looks stunning in his soccer dress! :) What a cutie. I'm so glad he likes it and is having fun.

Hope you have a great b-day weekend! Loved catching up with you today. :)