Sunday, December 16, 2007

Never a dull moment

We have been so busy with all the activities that go along with Christmastime that I haven't had a chance to update my blog. We have had a lot of visitors, holiday parties, and other year-end activities. My only complaint is that I don't have time to do everything San Diego has to offer. Here is a look at a few things we have been up to.We decided to go with a real tree from a farm. (Thanks to all who voted.) It was a fun experience to get all bundled up to go pick out our tree. It was about 50 degrees- brrrr!

Looks like Mitchell found the perfect tree. I have decided that I really like having a real tree. I think the one we got is gorgeous and it smells great too. I think we will stick with real trees, at least for now. It is somehow refreshing!

December in San Diego. It has actually gotten quite chilly in the evenings, but afternoons are still warm. Yes, warm enough for swimming suits.

We enjoyed a visit from our Orange County cousins and we went to see the lights at the San Diego temple. From left to right: Hillary, Owen, Lilly, Madison, Mitchell, and Angie.

Madison and Lilly really loved the life-size Nativity on the San Diego Temple grounds.


Natalie said...

50 degrees is cold... Okay, not so much. It's 17 here right now. Yike. Definitely not swimsuit weather.

pinkmorning said...

what cute photos, i am jealous of the swim suit weather, even though i am glad i am not going to be getting into a swimsuit anytime soon:)

Rachel said...

oh.. what I wouldn't give for a 50 degree evening about right now! :) You guys look like you are really enjoying the holidays.

GustoBones said...

Nice! To be able to put on a swimming suit in the middle of December! Looks like you guys have had lots of December fun! Merry Christmas!

Lyf2.0 said...

LOL! I was looking at the nativity pic and seriously thought, "Those are odd looking wisemen..."