Monday, August 27, 2007


Dining in Old Town San Diego. An all-you-can-eat-meat Brazilian restaurant.

"Vegetarian is an old Indian word for bad hunter."

Brian indicating that we want more meat! Thanks for traveling south for a visit.

The restaurant was called Rei Do Gado Churrascuria. How do you pronounce that Dave? We had a blast with Julie and Dave while they were San Diego. Thanks for coming!


pinkmorning said...

we loved spending time with you guys and had so much fun. thanks again for hosting us. we love you! i wish i had taken more pictures. these are all so cute.

selfstarter said...

Good people, good grub, good times. Very authentic Brazilian food. (At least what I am told)

Rachel said...

WE definitely need another trip to San Diego! Next time we are renting SEGWAYS!! Looks like so much fun!