Wednesday, September 10, 2008

More fun in Virginia... July 2008

You can't have 4th of July without traditional sparklers. Madison writing her name with the sparkler.
Eliot roasting marshmallows with some of the cousins. FYI- S'mores taste better with dark chocolate and fresh raspberries.
Ana at Burke Lake Park with Maddie and Mitch. We were waiting for a train ride.
Me and the kiddos posed in front of the (stopped) train. Hands down best kid train ride I have ever been on. The scenery was beautiful and Ana had a great song to sing along the way. How does it go again?
Mitchell on the carousel ride at Burke Lake Park. Madison and Ana in the background. Burke Lake Park is one of our favorite spots in Virginia.
Aunt Michaela, Ana, and Madison on the hayride at Frying Farm Park. Another fun Virginia spot. The Park preserves and interprets a 1920s to 1950s farm. It was very fun and interesting.
Mom and Mitch with old barn in the background.
Mitchell was in heaven with these tractors that he could play on.
Ana and Mitch looking at some pigs in the barn. (It isn't clear whether or not the pig was wearing lipstick.)
Ana and Michaela- cute girls!


Rachel said...

we had to call mom to find out how the song went because JJ wanted to sing it for weeks afterwards. "choo, choo the big train is coming down the track, now, choo choo the big train is coming down the track. Stop, look and listen, stop, look and listen. Choo choo the big train is coming down the track."

Love the pics! I wishi we could have gone to that farm, JJ would have loved it!

pinkmorning said...

wow, i have always loved the trail at burke lake park and picnics there, but i didn't know there was a train and a carousel!

Kath said...

I know that song!! This is kind of fun...just getting little spurts of your summer every couple of on!

Lyf2.0 said...

Listen here, you... If you ever come back to VA again and not give us a call you're in HUGE trouble, missy! I say that with all due respect...

zealygirl said...

I love the look of your blog now; what a great update!

GustoBones said...

More great pictures!!! We had such fun with you guys!

Darci said...

Hey Angie, great pictures, great posts, and I especially love the lipstick and pigs comment. Hilarious!