Sunday, September 7, 2008

Fourth of July (Better Late than Never)

After a long flight from San Diego and a late arrival into Washington D.C., Mitchell and Eliot took the opportunity to sleep in. We missed the Pancake Breakfast at the church but there were many other Independence Day activities to come.
Mitchell and Eliot with Cousin JJ and Uncle Jeremy at the Fairfax, Virginia 4th of July Parade.
Some of the cousins with Aunt Melissa and Aunt Michaela.
Some of the parade sights.

Eliot and Scot preparing homemade ice cream. Yum!
Bop Bop with the boys.
Taking the Metro into Washington D.C. for the Fireworks show.
Me pushing the boys through downtown D.C.
The whole gang getting ready for the big show!

Kate and Maddie. They are so cute together and have so much fun!
Sights from the show. It was awesome being in our Nation's Capital for the 4th of July. It was really neat to see the fireworks at the Washington Monument.
The Ward family after a very fun and exciting day!


Rachel said...

we had so much fun!

Kath said...

Yay! Thanks for the new post! What a perfect way to celebrate the 4th!!

Erin said...

No way...a post! ;) Fun pics Ang! I'm happy you had such a fun summer, but happier that you're back home again. (love the one of Eliot and Mitchell precious!)

pinkmorning said...

wish we could have been there. glad you guys had such a fun holiday!

Beanie said...

I love these pictures. They remind me what a happy life we have. We love you so much.

GustoBones said...

I love all those pictures. I didn't take enough while we were there(I am so bad at taking pics). Thanks for emailing me those ones too. There were cute!!!Kate love Madison so much!