Sunday, July 15, 2007

Independence Day

Here are a few quick snapshots from our Fourth of July extravaganza. We watched the fireworks from Mt. Soledad where you can see all of San Diego in 360 degrees. It was perfect for the kids because they didn't have hear the loud booming sounds but could still see some fancy fireworks. Madison even said, "I didn't even know that there were fireworks like these ones--these aren't scary fireworks." Needless to say, a good time was had by all and we were fortunate enough to have the Dildine family celebrating with us! Old Glory
Mommy and Mitch
Ryan and Maddy
Mike, Eliot, and little Liddy

"Hallowed be the day, forever bright its memory in the heart of the Nation. Sing to it, poets; shout to it, freemen; celebrate it with bonfires, parades, and triumphant assemblies"
(Daily Alta California, 4 July 1855).


GustoBones said...

Darling pictures. Looks like you guys had fun!

pinkmorning said...

so fun to see all those cute pictures of your family. glad you guys had a good holiday!

Jenna said...

How fun that Mike and Jenny could be there! It's great that no matter how many states separate you, you girls always seem to find a way to get together. Lucky!

Rachel said...

funf amily memories!

Beanie said...

Loved the pictures and wish we could have been with you.

time-for-a-paws said...

I love those pictures. Your kids are growing up so fast. Hope to see you all soon. If you don't know my blog is I have posted a lot of pictures from England!